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Everlasting Bouquet
Everlasting Bouquet
Everlasting Bouquet
Everlasting Bouquet
Everlasting Bouquet

Everlasting Bouquet

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Our everlasting bouquet features fluffy white cotton and a mix of seasonal wild blooms. Hints of burgundy, lavender and amber to add colour in this fully preserved bouquet. We infuse all our dried florals with lavender essential oil to awake the senses and bring calm.

Please note that naturally dried florals have imperfections, are brittle and may break easily. They are usually good for about 3-6 months, but may succumb to humidity and sunlight which will cause mould, discoloration, and breakage. As such, we recommend displaying them in cool, dry spaces, without direct sunlight.  

Size & Packaging

They are at approximately 40cm diameter across. 

Complimentary Doorstep Delivery

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Kindly Note

As with all florals, the flowers shown are seasonal.

Please note that all creations have their own unique characteristics as all florals flow differently. It’s impossible the re-create two creations that are identically alike. Filler flowers are subject to change based on availability.  Rest assured that your creation is definitely uniquely yours and we will keep in mind your selected theme and create accordingly.