Gemstone Jewellery x Petite Jar Workshop


About the Workshop : 

Date & Time : 6th May, Sunday 3:30pm-5:30pm

Cost : Mom x Daughter at $205/ pair or $110/single

Address : Hustle Co.

52 Craig Rd, Singapore 089690 Craig Rd, Singapore 089690 

Take home per pair : X2 Gemstone Necklaces & X2 Petite jars you + your mom will create during the workshop. 

Create your very own customised cotton jar with baby's breath, wild blooms, seasonal florals & cotton buds. We will have a wide variety of  seasonal florals from our bloom bar for you to select from.  Florals included in the Bloom Bar dry well hence they will be able to be displayed for months to come ! We will be conducting a short introductory session with lots of tips and tricks on florals that are perfect for creating preserved creations. All materials will be provided. Petite jar is aprox 10cm height, perfect for small living spaces. 


In collaboration with Circus Fling, learn the art of handcrafting your very own gemstone layered necklace. Circus Fling will be providing a variety of semi precious gemstones for you to mix and match and curate your very own personalised layered gemstone necklace. This is a great workshop to bond over for this Mother's Day!  

Kindly note : As with all florals, the flowers shown are seasonal. Filler flowers are subject to change based on availability. Please note that all creations have their own unique characteristics as all florals flow differently. It’s impossible the re-create two creations that are identically alike. Rest assured that your creation is definitely uniquely yours. We will keep in mind your selected theme and create accordingly. Order only if comfortable, thank you. 



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