Valentine's Day 2017

We have teamed up with Scribblers Collective, SecondHelpings & ShideidoSG for our Valentine's Day everlasting bloom box sets ! With every purchase of our everlasting bloom boxes, you will receive a personalised card with your message handwritten by Scribblers Collective in 18th & 19th century classical cursive calligraphy script. You may also choose to add on a set of delectable Beenut Butter spreads from the lovely bees at Second Helpings. The set comes with a trio of exciting flavors - B3: Black (Cocoa), Tak-Kiu (Milo), Cinnapretz (Cinnamon & Pretzel). Men, we've included something for you too ! Along with every order of our bloom boxes, we have included Shiseido skincare travel kits both His (Shiseido Men Collection ) & Hers ( White Lucent Collection ), perfect for you lovebirds that will be on a staycation this Valentines Day ! We've specially selected florals that age well for our everlasting bloom boxes this Valentine's Day, these blooms can last for months. We have curated 4 infinite bloom boxes exclusively at SkinnyBlooms. Scroll down to explore our everlasting bloom boxes. Make this Valentines Day memorable and of course, everlasting through the years to come with #SkinnyBlooms x #LoveMadebVisibleBy  #SkinnyBx2HxScribblersC 

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