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SkinnyBlooms by SkinnyDressed

Hello there,

Here's an introduction on the ideation of SkinnyBlooms and the inspiration for this business venture. Well, I guess what sparked this obsession with flowers to begin with would be by the love of my life, Elisha. Throughout the course of our courtship of 6 years, he has always gifted and surprised me with flowers for Birthdays, Anniversaries and sometimes... just because. I truly started taking note of the floral types and specific arrangements that I loved when we were doing LDR  as he was posted overseas for work. Elisha had arranged for blooms to be delivered monthly for the entire time he was away ! Till today, I have all the bouquets he has sent me, which sparked the idea of creating preserved bouquets as I have seen firsthand how well certain florals can age. It's pretty interesting how preserved blooms can be both fragile yet strong at the same time.

While awaiting for career opportunities last year, I worked part-time with a florist. During my 2 months under her mentorship, I acquired the basic skill sets for floristry. After a few months of contemplation and with the push from my family and friends I decided to take a leap of faith and just do it. It has been 1 year since I've launched and I've never been happier in my entire work life !

When I decided to launch a floristry business, I had to decide on the name of my brand. First thought that came to mind was Skinny-something because the initial stage for my marketing strategy was to launch and retail solely on Instagram's platform. My personal Instagram handle is SkinnyDressed, hence my branding would somewhat be an extension of my social media identity. After lots of brainstorming and wordplay. I decided that SkinnyBlooms was the best fit. 

Next up... was the tagline. What did I want my brand to represent and signify ? Well, love of course. This whole venture was inspired by love to begin with ! I'm sure that anyone who has received flowers, whether from their partner, friends of family, they would undeniably feel loved. Flowers helps the sender to show love to their recipient, hence ' Love Made Visible '. Simple, short and on point. Be it good moments or trying periods, love is made visible through the action of gifting florals. In fact, studies have proven that flowers are linked to immediate happiness of a person, and even to a person’s mood in the long run, which relates to a person’s overall satisfaction towards life. That’s why flowers are linked to alleviation of stress, lifting of a person’s current spirit, and easing away depression symptoms and anxiety.  With practice, I established and developed my own floristry style.

Over time, I figured which kinds of florals I enjoyed creating with and how each individual flower flows. I really appreciated the fact that it is impossible to re-create two identically alike bouquets as all florals flow differently, as I was previously taught to understand. This never makes work boring, mundane and routined because I'm always creating something new even if it's with the same flowers! It Truly warms my heart when I receive complements from clients, I guess it means I'm doing something right. Being able to create florals for people from all walks of life that appreciate my work gives me such joy ! 

I run the business solely and it has been an extremely fulfilling journey and I'm glad I took that leap of faith. I've met so many lovely people turned friends throughout this journey and I'm excited to venture further with SkinnyBlooms. I'm extremely thankful for people I've met that have guided me through the early stages of growing this business. I'm excited to meet new vendors and artists to support & collaborate with. Watch this space for updates and thank you for supporting SkinnyBlooms and journeying with me. I hope this post helped you comprehend the inspiration and our love story behind SkinnyBlooms and maybe even inspire some of you to take that leap of faith and start something you can call your own. Thank you once again, for your love and support.  Till next time x


PS : The love of my life asked me to marry him last December... of course I said Yes ! 

With love, 

Lenice T